A Day Spa Treat

Eating healthy foods and exercising are great ways to stay in shape and keep active. Looking good from the inside out is the best way to live life. For those that deserve a reward for all this hard work, a day spa is a treat they truly deserve. There are many benefits to going to a day spa, but the best part is that it is a great way to cap off good living. Day spas offer a variety of services, but the basics are massage, facials and wraps.

There are many different types of massage. Most people are familiar with Swedish massage where the masseuse kneads muscles and strokes the skin. This type of massage is good for improving circulation and easing muscle tension. A full body massage generally takes about an hour. People getting this type of massage are nude, but completely covered with a sheet. For those a bit hesitant about massage, try a hand massage and see how much it relaxes muscles.

A facial is a great way to help healthy skin stay healthy and look even better. After speaking with the esthetician about current skin care routines, treatment will begin with a thorough cleansing of the facial skin. Treatment after that depends upon individual skin issues, but a light steam treatment and exfoliation are often used. Facial massage is generally part of the treatment just before moisturizers and sun block are applied.

Body wraps at a day spa are for treating the skin other than the face. Unlike facial skin, the body has larger pores and requires its own treatment. Wraps generally consist of having a product applied that contains elements such as seaweed, clay or mud. After application, the body is wrapped for warmth. The elements applied are for detoxifying the skin and are quickly absorbed. After the wrap, lotion is applied to the skin to keep it looking and feeling smooth.